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 Green Dark-Glo-Bullet Regulators
Green Bullet Back Pressure Regulators
Green Bullet Pressure Regulators
Green Bullet Temperature Regulators
Green Bullet Sanitary Regulators
 Green Dark-Glo-Bullet Control Valves
Green Bullet Pneumatic Type Control Valves
Green Bullet Electric Type Control Valves
Green Bullet Sanitary Design Control Valves
 Green Dark-Glo-Bullet Ball Valves
Green Bullet Manual Ball Valves
Green Bullet Automated Ball Valves
Green Bullet Three-Way Ball Valves
 Green Dark-Glo-Bullet Pressure Gauges /
Green Bullet Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges
Green Bullet Low Pressure, Pressure Gauges
Green Bullet Bimetal Thermometers
Green Bullet Pressure Gauge Diaphragm Seals
Green Bullet Pressure Gauges Wells
 Green Dark-Glo-Bullet Steam Traps
Green Bullet Delta Element Steam Trap
Green Bullet Thermostatic Steam Trap
Green Bullet Mechanical Steam Trap
 Green Dark-Glo-Bullet Safety Valves
Green Bullet Steam A.S.M.E. Safety Valves
Green Bullet Liquid Relief Safety Valves
Green Bullet Pump Bypass Safety Valves
Green Bullet Repair Of Safety Valves
 Green Dark-Glo-Bullet Line Card

Valve and Instrumentation Sales Specializing in       Regulators - Control Valves - Ball Valves - Pressure Gauges Thermometers - Steam Traps - Safety Valves

Regulators-Colesco Control Valves-Colesco Ball Valves-Colesco
Regulators Control Valves Ball Valves
Sliding gate and globe designs
Steam, liquid, and gases
Sizes ½” to 2” in stock
Back pressure and temperature
Sliding gate and globe designs
Equal percentage and linear seats
Sanitary and 3-way designs
Sizes ½” to 2” in stock
Manual and automated types
3-way diverting and mixing
Pneumatic and electric actuators
Sizes ½” to 3” in stock
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Gauges and Thermometers-Colesco Steam Traps-Colesco Safety Valves-Colesco
Pressure Gauges /
Over 12,000 items in stock
Sanitary designs available
Diaphragm seals and wells
Zero steam loss traps available
Quick warm-up traps
Delta element and thermostatic
Same day shipment, large stock
ASME code Section I, IV, and VIII
Pump by-pass valves
Threaded, flanged and sanitary
Steam and air valves in stock
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Colesco is a Ohio-Kentucky distributor of valves, traps and gauges. Valves include control and regulating valves, miniature control valves, sanitary service regulating and control valves, pump bypass relief valves, pressure and temperature valves, safety and relief valves, steam valves, check valves and custom valves. Also includes pressure gauges, switches, transmitters, chemical seals, RTD's, thermocouples, thermometers. Services include seals and gauge filling, certification and calibrating.

Brands we sell and service include Jordan, Kunkle, Wika, Bestobell, Marwin Dynafluid, Amco, Hex, Finite, Zeks, Styl-Air, DFT and Marshalltown. Please click here to get more information.