Today’s oil and gas companies face a wide array of challenges; achieve operational excellence, improve safety and security, comply with environmental regulations, increase ROI while competing globally – and do it all with shrinking engineering and maintenance staffs. Colesco can help you optimize oil and gas operations to ensure the most efficient use of capital and resources.

Operate Efficiently, Safely and Effectively

To remain competitive in today’s global market, and meet operational demands, we understand that you need to operate more efficiently, safely and effectively than ever before. Colesco can help improve profitability through improved utilization, reduced energy usage and increased reliability.

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Colesco can help you...


Explore the value of maintenance and reliability readiness.


Deploy consistent standards-based reliability practices throughout your company.


Provide the technology to keep you running at peak performance.


Optimize performance needed to reduce variability, minimize energy usage and increase yield of preferred products.


Improve performance – from planning, design and implementation through operations, maintenance and long term sustainability.