Power generators today are challenged, more than ever, to maintain (and even improve) the competitiveness of their facilities. Plant availability can be impacted by unpredictable downtime, maintenance costs, and changing regulatory requirements. Colesco recognizes that your primary objective in a power-related project is to finish on time, under budget and achieve committed results. Whether your project involves an established plant or new construction, Colesco can help you meet your objectives, lower capital expenditures, and deliver superior return on investment.

Valve Automation Solutions

Where you need to block and divert, operate, or control your application, our technical experts can help you with the selection, sizing, testing, calibration and documentation of your control valves, regulators, ball valves, actuators and related accessories.

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Colesco can help you...


Explore the value of maintenance and reliability readiness.


Deploy consistent standards-based reliability practices throughout your company.


Provide the technology to keep you running at peak performance.


Optimize performance needed to reduce variability, minimize energy usage and increase yield of preferred products.


Improve performance – from planning, design and implementation through operations, maintenance and long term sustainability.